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does anyone have out control itching all over there body break out in bumps hives? I can't sleep it's driving me crazy anyone know what I can do I have 2 boys I can't get up in the morning from itching. please give some advise also my left legs shakes if stretch it out I can't control it Thanks

Lawton, OK
9 Answers
try a lotion with camomile in it and any bath or shower gels with camomile should help x

Pittsburgh, PA
Umm you should call a doctor

Wellington, NZL
I agree with**** go to the doctor.

Lawton, OK
Thanks my doctor head told me it was anxiety put be on meds I took one at 5 a half slept most of the day. I thank it's something more then that trying find a new doc I don't know where to turn. I use baby oil baby powder itch cream nothing is working feel like giving going without sleep makes me in worse moods tired of suffering

Hazel Park, MI

Leicester, GBR
E45 itch cream

Lawton, OK
relaxed all day it felt so good thanks

Palm Coast, FL
Itching is common with diabetes especially if you sugars are not in good control. The new Gold Bond Diabetic lotion us excellent. Avoid using soap that dried your skin. You might need to try a cleanser that contains salicylic acid , like those with Psoriasis use, until the severe lesions heal. Remember good control helps prevent complications.

Lehigh Acres, FL
baby lotion