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Hi I'm confused doc tells me I'm diabetic type 2 without having done a fasting blood test Two weeks later after I insisted I have a proper fasting blood test he says I'm not I've been taking a

5 Answers
Chesterfield Township, NJ
You don't need to do a fasting BG when you do an A1C test. Did he do one? If so what was the number ?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2010.
Toronto, CAN
I had an er doc tell me I was type 2 with just a finger prick...ended up in er following week and the doc ordered antibody test and blood test and said I was type 1

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Whitehall, WI
dumb doc

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Dallas, TX
It's probably just because you're an adult & the doctor just assumed you were true 2 without taking the time to really figure it out.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2015.
Kansas City, KS
I had the same experience as**** ER doc assumed I was type 2 because I was an adult with high blood sugar. The exact same thing happened to my dad (also type 1) when he was diagnosed in his mid-40s, so thankfully I knew to find an actual endocrinologist and push for more extensive tests.