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Just checked my numbered and for the first time my meter registered high. Not a number. Hoping if I do a shot and drink water I will feel better. I think maybe a rebound from a low of 49 at 6pm

9 Answers
Windradyne, AUS
My machine reads I'm high a lot. We'll not 'a lot' but certainly more than most people. I don't stress. Just check keytones and see how you go from there :) Hope your ok!!

Havertown, PA

Fall City, WA
****are you using insulin? You stated some VERY low numbers (49) which is not healthy either. I think you need to see your doctor right away!

The Colony, TX
Highs and lows are both dangerous. Drink water and take a bolus. Recheck every hour - two, until you are back at a normal range

Littleton, CO
**** did you eat after your low of 49? If so, did you bolus?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2012.
Spring Creek, NV
How did you recover from your low ? And how many carbs did you consume ?

Havertown, PA
I usually eat some glucose tabs and wait

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2007.
Echelon, NJ
When your meter says high that means your blood sugar is over 600! Too high to handle yourself! Contact your doc when you're that high

Living with type 2 diabetes.
Lansing, MI
Have been that high- was told to goto ER