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How do you check your sugars when working 8hrs days and only have a 1/2 hr lunch break? Taking time to check takes away from your 30mins of eating food.

11 Answers
Prescott Valley, AZ
U shud be able to check your blood as it's a health priority to keep u safe

By law you can test WHENEVER you need

Plainfield, IN
Seriously? Just take your blood sugars in the restroom or at your desk. I don't know what kind of job you do.

Atherton, GBR
You do what you need to do first coz if you don't you can't do your job properly and I don't think they will accept liability should anything go wrong,, but they are breaking laws if they don't let u

Black Canyon City, AZ
What do you do? I usually check right before my lunch break, before I leave my desk. And I always have my meter with me. Well...LOL. Usually.

Houston, TX
if it takes more than a minute, it takes too long and it's covered by the ADA, so DO it

Living with type 2 diabetes since 1982.
St Albans, WV
Sometimes I check mine If I only get a half hour before I even punch out for lunch

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2001.
Manhattan, NY
Takes no time at all.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1984.
Schuylerville, NY
I always have meter with me & only takes less than a minute to check

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2015.
East Haven, CT
I would look into dexcom then u will not have to check so often. I just started using it since I pricked 13x a day for months I just got diagnosed in June ####. If others have those supplies it wood be great since I have lots of other supplies to trades thanks hope it helps.