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Have you ever tried to check your blood sugar from a cut? It sounds funny but whenever I get cuts (not too big) I tried to check my blood sugar to avoid to poke myself haha!

6 Answers
Ringwood, AUS
I've done that before, it's always pretty accurate but just be sure that you clean it after !!!

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2012.
Spring Creek, NV
All the time lol. It's the first thing I think about whenever I get cut. I do it when my guavas gets a cut too! Lol

This made me giggle this morning ... Im going to try this :)

Santa Rosa, CA
Lol ****it's funny. I always laugh when I tried to check my sugar from a cut lol.

I've heard of lots of people doing this but, I've never been compelled to myself.

Dinas Powys, GBR
Yes sometimes