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Anyone here have Charcot foot?

6 Answers
Wichita, KS
i do

supporting a parent , Hemodialysis @ home since 2008.
Tel Aviv, ISR
how do you manage it?

Wichita, KS
i had to have surgery, they put 2 screws in my ankle.

Pittsburgh, PA
My dad has it. He had to have multiple foot surgeries over about 6 years. Other than surgery and regularly seeing his foot doctor he's just careful not to put too much pressure on it--no running, no long distance walking, stuff like that. Also his doc prescribed a shoe with a brace on it

Wichita, KS
i have had 2 surgeries so far the 2nd one has worked. i use a brace too but recently i have been told i can start walking around the house without it. im too scared and havent done it yet.

Derby, KS
I do. Was told I had it in Aug. Had to wear a boot but just yesterday got my custom made shoe. Hoping to go back to work this next week!