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Hi! We are on Cape Cod visiting from Texas for another week and somehow miscounted how many sites I brought for my son 😳. Freaking out a little. Anyone have 3-4 they can give us?Thx in advance😊

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supporting someone with type 1 diabetes. supporting someone with LADA.
Tel Aviv, ISR
Hi**** I have shared your post with a few helpers from the area, hope to get a reply soon!

Unknown Location
I**** I pm'd you on Facebook a few minutes ago

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I did the same thing years ago. You can call minimed and they will ship you 3 extras to your location the next day. At no charge.

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I have an abundance of Mio's if you are unable to get the Silhouette.

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2011.
Keller, TX
Ty! I was able to get some locally. Thx!!!!