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Has anyone ever been a camp counselor at a diabetes camp? What are your thoughts on it? I think I want to be one this summer

3 Answers
Okeechobee, FL
Yes. It's the best diabetes experience. It's amazing to make an impact in others lives who live with diabetes. They'll love it and you'll learn more than you thought. No brainer!!!

North Florence, AL
I am an adult volunteer that has worked at diabetes camps in the past. I worked in the arts and crafts for over five years and find it very rewarding and I had lots of fun. You won't regret it.

Pittsburgh, PA
Yes! I was a counselor for a few summers at the camp I attended. It gave me a chance to keep doing the camp activities even though I was too old to be a camper LOL. Camps are fun and very educational for diabetics of any age. They often give you an opportunity to try new products and devices