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Does anyone know where I can buy a nice diabetes medical tag bracelet? #diabetes #help #needed

17 Answers
Birmingham, DEU
Meditag is good, that's where I got mine

Milford, CT
Lauren's Hope is wonderful. Beautiful interchangeable bracelets. Look more like jewelry. I have several and love them all. Have not had any problems with them yet. They also have a great exchange

Milford, CT
Policy and fitting instructions.

Plainfield, IN
Yes, I recommend Lauren's Hope. Lots to choose from. :)

Pacific Pines, AUS
Check out diabetic products on Etsy, they have some fabulous diabetic stores on that site, including beautiful handmade products such as jewellery & pump/CGM pouches/belts/cases

Alexandria, VA
Road ID

Phoenix, AZ
If you like tattoos that's the way to go.

Milford, CT
**** I have seriously been thinking about getting a tattoo on my wrist. I don't love the medical symbol but feel it is one I the only ways to ensure a medical professional knows the tat is not just

Milford, CT
a memorial. What do you have?

United Kingdom, GBR
Amezon :)