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Broke my quick-serter today. No insulin and I feel horrible. Any ideas on where to get one?

6 Answers
Brandon, FL
Did u call ur ins co? Call ur endo? What brand?

Windradyne, AUS
Local hospital should have one you can at least use there to insert a new set, should take 1-2 days to order a new one...

Waco, TX
I don't even use my quick-serter anymore. If you just put it in by hand quickly, it doesn't hurt very bad if at all.

Columbia, SC
Go to the manufacturer or your endo.

Knebworth, GBR
Do u not have insulin pens incase things like this happen? I'm on a pump but always have pens in the fridge incase pump breaks etc! Always have a back up! Hope u get ur inserter ASAP xx

Millbrook, NY
Call Minimed. They have representatives in all areas who will come to you and help