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Hi! I am brand new to this site. I am a type 2. I have left-sided paralysis from a stroke I had 18 months ago. I live alone and find it difficult to check my bs one-handed, any suggestions?

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Long Beach, NY
Is there anyway you can get a few visits in with an occupational therapist? They might be able to find ways to help you be able to adapt whatever type of device you are using.

Bedford, GBR
If nothing helps I guess keep trying the monitors are very sensitive I have numbness in my hands so I keep the monitor in its case hope that helps 😄

Venetia, PA
What part of testing are you having the most difficulty with? You can also use other sites for testing.

Venetia, PA
I'm pretty sure you can use your palm. And there is a lancing device you can use I check your forearm too, but results lag about 1/2 hour.

Honolulu, HI
Maybe try a CGM so u know where ur sugars are at with a pump

Larchmont, NY
I would put the lancing device In my mouth to puncture My finger once my finger Is pictured I would put pressure on the prick to get Blood and apply if to The test strip

Accuchek mobile is a minimum step device that may be helpful. No test strips - it's a cassette tape which can do 50 tests and lancet device/testing machine is 1 unit though can be separated.

Just continuing - the lancet device is single click (no prime) so it will be easier for you to do the finger prick

Long Beach, NY
Just wondering how you are doing.