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Does anyone know of any books or articles about exercising with #diabetes? Specifically about #exercise and insulin therapy? #doc

6 Answers
Cheektowaga, NY
diabetic athletes handbook... I have it on my nook I can lend you if you have an acct. I'm starting to read the 7 step diabetes plan and think like a pancreas so I can't vouch form them

Cheektowaga, NY
*7 step diabetes fitness plan

Singapore, SGP
Oh I am also really interested in diabetes with exercise!! Could you send it somehow ****

Cheektowaga, NY
yea if u have a nook I just need the email address u use with it

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2004.
Tel Aviv, ISR
Not a book suggestion but: run;; Facebook group for****blood glucose; Facebook group "sporty diabetic type 1s"; my blog

Oxford, OH
I'm a runner and my endo had me look at I definitely recommend it, a lot of good stuff that you can tweek to yourself.