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My blood sugars are every where.... Any advise on getting them under control?

10 Answers
Austin, TX
Exercise. I find when I stick to a normal running schedule I level out.

Kuna, ID
I go high then crash when I work out... And it's hard because of my work schedule

Definitely try eating some complex healthier carbs beforehand. I'll do a half of a normal sized fruit smoothie and follow up with granola, peanut butter, etc. when I work out that carries me.

It also depends on how you workout. If I do HIIT I tend to be lower the whole day through. Repeated cardio keeps me fairly even like****said.

with type 1 diabetes since 2009.
Parma, OH
I recommend getting a Dexcom CGM if you can... It really helps you to find places that you can change your basal rate to get the best use of the insulin. We have one for my son and he is also on a pump.

Kuna, ID
I'm on the Omni pod. My mom was looking into getting a Dexcom. I really want one. I'm going off to college in little more than 4 months.

Kuna, ID
I still want to here what u have to say... I love getting advice. Haha

Brooklyn, NY
I was going to say what****said. I was on the dexcom for a few weeks and it really helped me fix my basal rates

Barrington, RI
my daughter wears both omnipod and dexcom. alot easier for us to maintain her levels

Brooklyn, NY
also, you can try keeping a log and recording your numbers to see where you can adjust your basal rate