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What makes your blood sugar be high first thing in the am when you haven't even are yet? I can't seem to bring it down to normal level. Even went on a 1.5 mile walk?? Stressed out.

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Living with type 2 diabetes since 2006.
Burlington, NC
From what I understand, your body is slowed down so much when asleep, waking up needs energy and your body taps your reserve to wake up and become active. Talk to your doc to see if meds need adjustng

Dover, PA
Google search " dawn phenomenon"

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Chicago, IL
It's part of the waking process and, in part, your body's reaction to the fasting.. The liver releases glycogen to keep everything running, especially your brain. Since we cannot properly process glucose, blood sugar goes up. I have found that having a light late-night snack such as a little low sugar ice cream helps alleviate this "dawn phenomenon" for me.

Long Beach, NY
Dawn phenomenon. You will have to juggle your diet/meds/exercise to work on it. Good luck!

Living with type 2 diabetes.
Lansing, MI
Dawn phenomenon, you had a low between 2-4 am and you body overcompensated. Light snack before bed should help.

Black Canyon City, AZ
Either you went low and this is your body coping, or your morning hormones are opposing the insulin activity. You have to wake up to check to see which, around 3 am.

Black Canyon City, AZ
For dawn phenomenon you need more food/less insulin and for the normal am rise in bgs due to morning hormones you need more insulin for several hrs before waking.

Black Canyon City, AZ
Check several "normal" days to establish the pattern. Don't make changes based on just one observation. LOL. ANYTHING can happen once!

Living with type 2 diabetes.
Lansing, MI
Stress will keep it high too

Living with type 2 diabetes since 1994.
St Johns, FL
Had the same problem doctor finally put me long lasting insulin use Lantus pen at bed time 8mgs solved the problem