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My bg was 280 this morning. It hasn't been that high in the morning since I have been in the hospital. Usually it can get that high during the course of the day. I'm confused? Plus I don't really want to talk to my endo, I don't really trust him :( Also I'm in college

4 Answers
Wellington, NZL
Are you on a pump or pens? Check your them for any blockages. Have you opened a new vial of insulin recently? There could be something wrong with it. Any unusual activities or foods in the last 24 hours? You're type 1 right? xx

Seissan, FRA
I'm type 1, if you are message me in fb ****@*****.*** or my email ****@*****.*** and we can have a chat and ill be happy to try and help. I've been diabetic we'm 9 years now and actually was struggling about 6 months ago after controlling really well but working hard to get stable again and ill be happy to pass on some tips if what's working for me

Providence, RI
****had some great recs to troubleshoot things! My daughter is T1D. Her Fasting Blood Sugar has only ever been that high when she had a pump failure or on the one occasion we seemed to have an ineffective bottle of Lantus (in the year she's been T1D we've had 1 lantus and 1 humalog cartridge that were definitely bad!). Do you ever check for ketones? It can be a good idea when you have a high you can't explain.

Palmdale, CA
If you can't trust your endo then you need to find another one. You should be comfortable with your doctors.