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Does anyone know what is the best type of identification I should get being in college? Would a necklace, bracelet, ect. be better? #T1 #Diabetes

11 Answers
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2004.
Tel Aviv, ISR
Difficult to say better or worse. Most important is to make sure you friends and roommates know what to do in an emergency. If you have an old glucagon kit you might what to demonstrate how to use it. Teach them to recognise hypo signs and how to help you out if needed. Keep a stash of sweets or what ever hypo treatment you prefer on you at all times. And also by your bed. Keep something in you wallet/purse/handbag that easily identifies you as a T1 with instructions of who to call or what to do in an emergency. Finally it doesn't matter bracelet or necklace. Paramedics are trained to look for both. Just make sure it is as helpful as possible. I have a bracelet with my wife and brothers phone number as well as the fact that I am t1. It also has a qr code that can be scanned to provide more information. Hope that helps.

Phenix City, AL
I would say it's your choice and something you'll be comfortable wearing every day. Although my son isn't college age he wears two dog tags engraved on both sides. :)

Wooster, OH
Along with everything mentioned above, you could also check with the security/health offices at the college for their suggestion so that if something happens on campus you have on something they will be looking at....really important to educate roommates and friends so they can be your advocates. Best wishes for a great college experience!

Fort Gibson, OK
I have a bracelet that I wear all the time! It is leather and I was able to customized it! But the main thing is just to let your close friends know just in case anything happens!

Boston, MA
If you have a chance, check out - they have all sorts of styles and options and you can buy one tag and switch the bracelets so you have lots of options that are fun, stylish and functional

Honolulu, HI
I used to have a bracelet with my parents cell numbers on it. But now, I'm married and living on my own. I kept losing my bracelet, so I ended up just getting "Type 1 Diabetic" tattooed on the inside of my wrist. Best choice in my opinion. :]

Glen Ellyn, IL
Honestly, i used to think about that too until I started using a pump. Can't get a better ID that says you're a T1 Diabetic than an insulin pump hangin on your hip!

Griffith, IN
Having worked for an ambulance company paramedics are trained to look for a bracelet or necklace. Either one is good your preference but make sure it is on You rather than something in a wallet or purse.

Siler City, NC
The best thing is having a supportive group of friends. I always have someone with me that knows what to do when I am low and how to treat it, that works better for me than any bracelet or necklace, but I do have survival straps on my backpack as I am a college student living far away from home

Oxford, OH
I have a bracelet that has the kinds of insulin I'm on and my parents phone number, that's what I've used when traveling abroad alone and when I was in undergrad.. Plus my friends always complimented me on how cute it was before they realized it was a med id. So I recommend bracelet! But it's so dangerous to have no notification on.