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What is the best book for a spouse/partner to read to support an adult with type 1 #diabetes? #DOC #DSMA #dblog .Looking for input.

6 Answers
Roseville, CA
Maybe, Think like a pancreas?

Tacoma, WA
I'm not sure because its the only diabetes book I have that I haven't read. Diabetes is not a piece of cake is the name. Maybe you could let your partner pick. Good luck.

Tacoma, WA
It's meant to be for people who know someone with diabetes

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Diabetes for dummies

Castro Valley, CA
Diabetes Burnout is a book from a diabetics perspective, but it helped my boyfriend understand how I feel on a day to day basis through my eyes. The author was able to describe exactly how I was feeling and some suggestions on how you can communicate with your partner and family members on how to support you. It's one of my favorites. I hope this helps!

Williamsport, PA
Google- Diabetes Etiquette - it is not a book but 10 simple tips to guide our family, friends.