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Besides your belly or back of arm, are there any other locations you recommend for injecting?

Milford, CT
22 Answers
Orwell, OH
thighs (fronts of thighs pants seam and forward), buttocks....

Milford, CT

Knebworth, GBR
Tops of legs and bum x

Woodbridge, VA

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
I take my short in my tummy and long in my thigh. I've been warned not to do much exercise after having my long (I think because the thigh is next to a large muscle so burns up the insulin )

Milford, CT
That's good to know. Not that I'm a big exerciser, although I would like to do more in the future when I have more time in the summer.

Stanmore, GBR
Top of your bum cheek

Millbrook, NY
I put my pump site in my side- like my love handles.

Annapolis, MD
On your butt .

Kutztown, PA
You can actually inject/put a site into any area with a layer of subcutaneous fat. Thighs, bum, love handles... You name it! One year at camp some of the girls in my cabin put sites on the sides of tge