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Hi awwww I am 47 and always had a good appetite but the last month I have lost my appetite struggle to eat then I am starving and binge eat I am type 1 diabetic wonder if u could advise me please

9 Answers
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
If you can eat more protein and lower carb foods, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer

Roanoke, VA
Me too!!

Plainfield, IN
Yes insulin can increase your appetite - I try to eat veggies that don't have carbs to eliminate the appetite. Yes, protein is slower acting - like peanut butter. If you're taking any other medication

Plainfield, IN
It can make you not have an appetite, but you have eat balanced meals - then you won't have binges - it's hard but you have to take charge of your eating habits. 💛 take care...

United Kingdom, GBR
How is your glucose control? If you're always high you will loose appetite x

Black Canyon City, AZ
You may have some autonomic neuropathy affecting appetite and stomach emptying/nutrient absorption. If you are recently improving control, that can make symptoms flare, but then they settle down again

Black Canyon City, AZ
With the new "normal" Not much treatment available at this time. Usually the recommendation is smaller more frequent meals (blah). Hang in there. I am type 1 48 years old with 32 years of dm.

Plainfield, IN
That's right****- if you have high blood sugar it will make you loose your appetite.

Cannock, GBR
Awwwww thanks guys so nice of you all to answer me xx