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Does anyone have a autoimmune disease with diabetes?

Pueblo, CO
26 Answers
Hardwicke, GBR
I used to have Graves' disease but have since had my thyroid removed. Now I take daily Levothyroxine tablets.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Hi I have arthritis, thyroid and diabetes.

Westchase, FL
I have Fibromyalgia with T2

Pueblo, CO
I have sjogrens syndrome

Minneapolis, MN
Hyperthyroid and T1

Frisco, TX
Hypothyroid disease & T1

Pueblo, CO
Hypothyroid. Seems to be common. Is it a side effect of diabetes?!?

Citrus Heights, CA
I have transverse myelitis, thyroid, & diabetes.

Hardwicke, GBR
Can't be a side effect for me - I had Graves' disease for years before having diabetes and my thyroid removed few years before having diabetes.

Littleton Common, MA
I have asthma and vitiligo