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Anyone in the area having a hard time losing weight on insulin

22 Answers
Fairfax, VA
Yes me and unfortunately my sugar level very high I'm so scared.

Werrington County, AUS
Yes. Constant battle

Palmdale, CA
Me too!

Lockport, IL
Yes me also!!! I joined a health club hoping it will help. Charter Fitness has the cheapest plan. Keep active!!! That's the key!!!

Ireland, IRL
I did have trouble loosing but by having very small meals fur times a day means I have slowly lost my weigh means I will keep the weight off .I have already lost 7and half stone in two years

Living with type 2 diabetes since 1985.
Bondi Junction, AUS
Yes I'm short gay 1.60m 80kg is very hard to loose sum like10kg

Mount Gambier, AUS
Yes I'm gaining weight

Mount Gambier, AUS
Need help with weight loss

Santa Monica, CA
oh yes i dont know what to do again

Santa Monica, CA
any advice