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I am new to this app. I don't need any support but wanted to introduce myself. I am the parent of a 6 yo Type 1. We live in South Florida. He was diagnosed at 21 months old. His mother and I have managed him thus far. He can check his own BG. He is a very strong little boy.

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New Port Richey, FL
Hi I'm****mother of a 6 year old we live in central Florida has he tried the pump?

Pembroke Pines, FL
Hi**** No his Dr. told us around age 8 we would discuss a pump.

New Port Richey, FL
Really made the all the difference for us!

Garwood, NJ
Hi********here, mother of a 13 year femal t1D in Central jersey! Welcome! I'm new to this app also.

Pembroke Pines, FL
Welcome to you too****!

Laurinburg, NC
Hi & Welcome Doing a great job!

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2016.
Unknown Location
Hi****- we live in S. Florida 6-year old boy was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. Any thoughts on summer camp (one with a nurse to administer insulin) besides the diabetes camp?