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Hi, I'm new to this app. I'm T2 and I'm starting to have problems with my feet and skin. I have no energy and have to make myself go. I need a menu to try to keep my sugar down some.

Martinsville, VA
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Springfield, OH
Make 1/2 plate carb free veggie and 1/2 the other side protein and last half complex carb. Easy way to set up a good plate.

VA, United States
Thanks and don't mean to sound stupid but what are complex carbs ?

High Wycombe, GBR
Ok Hun things like All bran , oats, shredded wheat, some veg like broccoli , cabbage , brown rice , whole grain bread, low fat yogurt the best thing to do is to search on line if you have a computer I hope this helps a bit x

VA, United States
I also have to watch salt for high blood pressure and cloresteral levels are high also. Seems anything I eat affects something bad. Excuse my spelling!

Providence, RI
Hi**** My daughter is a T1D, but I'm a nurse and most of my clinical experience is with T2D. It's very important for you to work with a dietician who can set up a diet that will be appropriate for T2D, and also help your BP and cholesterol. Consistency with a diet like that will bring the best outcome for improvement in your sugars, cholesterol, and blood pressure. If you're starting to have issues with your skin and feet, it's so important to institute good skin care practices and see your primary care doctor. He/she can make sure you understand which products (special lotions, stockings) are best for maintaining your health. It's great that you're taking the positive steps to control your health! Good luck!

Have you been able to see a dietician? That is what helped me good luck and keeping you in my prayers

VA, United States
I haven't yet but yes I had already thought about that. I am working on my smoking now. One step at a time. It's been near a week and I'm desperate to quit. Thanks

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1996.I'm a dad supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 1984.
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Have you read dr Richard k Bernstein's diabetic solution? He has a protocol that if followed can achieve 100% normal blood sugars which can reverse some complications. No gimmick. Worth the education reading it no matter if you use his protocol or not. The book has become the diabetic bible for many