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Hi new to this app think it's great I've been T1D for 11 years now and my Endo said I can get a insulin pump I can't wait, what's everyone's experience with the pump?

18 Answers
Bognor Regis, GBR
How did you get one I would really like one?

Schenectady, NY
I have a Medtronic minimed pump, it's been good. Definitely easier than shots. If you get a sensor too the alarms that tell you if you're trending low are helpful.

Norwalk, CT
My Daughter is on the Omnipod we love it. Also have Dexcom. Love that too

Thrybergh, USA
****I was just offered one I inject around 7/8 times a day so they thought it would be the best option for me. Not sure which one I'll be having yet but excited no more injections yay lol

Wotton-under-Edge, GBR
My daughter has an animas vibe (3 yrs dx, 2.5 yrs on pump) we wouldn't be without it - so much easier to fine time doses. It is really hard work in the first few weeks to get it all set up properly with really frequent testing but it really is SO worth it once properly up and running. Biggest downside was that we used to get a good few dodgy cannulas but since switching to steel ones from Teflon it's been a rare occasion (my daughter developed an allergy to the Teflon) Happy pumping!

Belmont, NH
Been on the pump the past 9 year. Just got the new Medtronic CMG and pump. Have had it for about 4 months and love it

Fort Smith, AR
I've been a diabetic for 32 years & on a pump 15 plus years & love it!!! Gives you so much more freedom as to meal times & before the pump I was in & out of the hospital constantly. I have the Medtronic paragrim which I upgraded to in August & my A1C has went from 9. To 5.8 . I know you would love it. Good luck

Mt Laurel, NJ
I also have the Medtronic minimed and CGM. I love the pump as much as you can love anything about diabetes. It does have it's downfalls but the good far outweigh the bad. Good luck

Sweetwater, TX
My daughter has had her for 3 1/2 yrs...loves it!

Bloomington, IN
I had it. I was taken off because I had a very very busy life style and would just put numbers in but I was younger then