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Can anyone use apidra insulin? My daughter can't use it anymore it's equivalent to humalog

7 Answers
Plainfield, IN
Hi my name is****& yes I use apidra.

San Angelo, TX
Do you still have apidra?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2005.
Round Rock, TX
Yes I can that's what I use

Sugarloaf, PA
Never heard of it honestly. I've been going between humalog and novalog for years though

Hammond, LA
My husband uses Apidra but it is so expensive we can't always afford it

Hammond, LA
Do you still have Apidra

Winter Park, FL
I have used Apidra for years. Usually it has no co pay. Wondering about it as I'm having more issues with BS and pretty much eat the same things so I know carb count