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Looking for someone around my age (15) who I could possibly communicate with as I don't know anyone with it x

8 Answers
Sacramento, KY
Girl I'm 15 and I've been diabetic since I was 7! I'm here!!

Grimsby, GBR
Thanks add me on face book if possible x

South Africa, ZAF
Hi im 18 and im i diabetic since i was 10

Arbroath, GBR
Hi I'm 15 and diabetic since I was 2 :)

Dublin, IRL
Yea I'm 15 have diabetes since I'm 7

Dublin, IRL
Hey I'm 15 and have had diabetes since I'm 4

Beaverton, MI
Hi****I'm****and I'm 14 I've had diabetes since I was 8 :(

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2010.
Ambridge, PA
I'm 15 I have had diabetes since I was 11