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Hi everyone, any advice on working out and meal plans so I don't end up bottoming out .... ? Do diabetics do protein shakes? My goal is to lose weight and tone... I always take my insulin in my belly does that cause a bloated belly for anyone else?

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Living with type 1 diabetes since 1980.
Eureka Springs, AR
This is probably horrible advice, so don't do as I do. I've been diabetic since ####. I'm 46. I've got a 6.7 A1C, and I'm thin, but I've gone up and down 10 pounds over the years until about 8-9 years ago, and I've been the same weight since I was 18. The bottom line is (and what doctors who give advice don't understand) is that you take insulin for your assumptions about your day. If it is a Friday and I know I'm going out with friends to eat and drink, my 20 of lantus in the morning becomes 25. Although I only eat pasta/marinara, pizza, fried chicken/fries type mess maybe 10 days/year, I jack my apidra (or novolog) to compensate. Before Dexcom, I'd check my sugar 10 times/day (not joking). I still check it manually 3x/day. You've had diabetes for awhile. By now, you should have a grasp about what types of food (especially carbs and fat) does to you. In ####, I switched from whole milk to skim and my sugars immediately were 80% better. Which led me to believe that I should cut 95% of fat out of my diet, which helped another 15%. I never eat breakfast but I sit at a desk all day. If active (that day), I do eat breakfast. I drink iced coffee (with protein shakes mixed in as creamer) for breakfast, and eat lunch around 2pm and dinner around 8pm. I can't give shots in my stomach by I bruise there. But I've been giving shots on. Y upper thighs for years and I sort of think that area is bigger there (again, I'm a thin guy), and I've known body builders who take insulin because they think it helps them but I don't think that has been proven, so I'd say maybe start giving your shots in multiple areas, and if you're trying to lose a belly, not giving the shots there. And just eating like a non-diabetic (one who is on a diet), and regularly exercising will tighten you up. AND don't overtake insulin. If you're bottoming out regularly, you're probably taking too much long-lasting, and/or you're over-estimating the fast insulin. If you're using novolog... that stuff takes forever to work so you think you need to take more and then you bottom out, so if on novolog, start taking it an hour earlier than you do now before you eat and don't take more until you've given it time to work (which is a ridiculous 4-6 hours). All I'm saying is that I know it takes 8 units of Apidra for me to drink a double-margarita at juan's flying burrito in New Orleans. And I've pretty much got all of the meals locked down like that margarita. Experiment with your dose, just don't do it right before bedtime.

Kenai, AK
I use ketocal, a. prescription shake, it has almost no carbs, very little sugar, keeps me from bottoming out, brings me up well... but I maintain a just barely in ketosis ketogenic diet so it is perfect. it would still work even if you weren't in ketosis. as it is low carb low sugar, but it is higher in fat than say an Atkins type shake but it's lower in carb than that too 😊

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1979.
Tamarac, FL
Something you can try is to change the size of your cannula and move further back and maybe try your side of thighs