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Any advice for being type 1 and drinkin alcohol? I'm going out and dot know what alcohol will do to me?!?!

7 Answers
Hardwicke, GBR
Reacts to ppl different ways depending on what you have - just keep an eye on it and don't get so plastered you can't pay attention if you need to x

Philadelphia, PA
Be careful, alcohol does lower your sugars. So be careful going to bed that you can manage the drop over night

Payson, AZ
Thank you :) that's what I was trying to figure out....

Ellinwood, KS

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2006.
Manhattan, NY
I try to not have a lot of insulin on board because when your liver is busy processing alcohol it can't process glucose. Meaning bs goes down from your injection but not up from the sugar.

Monongahela, PA
Don't have no more than three drinks and it's ok to be a social drinker but don't over do it

Chesterfield, GBR
It will lower your blood sugar levels always have something to eat