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Hi everyone, any advice on going overseas for more then 3 months. how many spare pumps you take?

4 Answers
If youngish Anamis pump they will give you a loaner travel pump

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Columbia, KY
If you are using on OmniPod, I would suggest taking 3 boxes of pods. That will give you what you need plus backups for any that might malfunction.

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Greenwood Village, CO
I would bring one spare pump and the phone number for the pump compan,y in the country you will be traveling in. if your pump fails, you can use the back pump until they get you a replacement. you can also being some long acting insulin, like Lantus with you to use in place I'd the pumps basal, and then bolys with syringes with your short acting insulin as needed.

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Woolloongabba, AUS
Thank you very much for your responses. That will help me to prepare for traveling. I just worried as I didn't travel for so long time with the pump. I am planing to take loan pump plus my old one which still fine and use my old one only in emergencies.