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Accidentally without a Dexcom G4 Platinum pediatric sensor and am supposed to insert new one tonight. Does anyone have one that I could have and then give back a new one once our supplies come in Mon?

2 Answers
Royal Oak, MI
This is for my young son, by the way. Thanks so much for reading. Hope someone can help.

you know you can stop the sensor and then restart, right? i get 3-4 weeks out of each sensor. i use skin tac adhesive glue on the area, then place the sensor down, then more skin tac over white pad and surrounding skin, the i use IV #### tape with a hole cut out for transmitter, place it down over that. extend the use of those sensors, and dexcom does replace sensirs that do not last 7 dats for free. just call them. hope this helps you!! i dont have pediatric sensors, im 43. :-)