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Who is it for?

A Safety Net of People Like You

How does it help me?

Someone has your back, wherever you are

Safety Net

Your safety net

HelpAround Diabetes — others who get it, wherever you are

  • Life is a curveball. We get it

    Our life can feel like one long troubleshooting roller coaster, especially when dealing with a chronic condition. We set out to builda safety net, so that you don’t get stuck.

  • Invisible helpers, no more

    While HelpAround shouldn’t replace emergency room or doctor’s office visits, it reveals fellow patients & caregivers all around you — providing a layer of immediate, nearby help for sudden crisis situations.

  • Embarrassment, gone

    Not everyone is comfortable to put themselves out there. We get it. HelpAround lets you control who you are reaching out to.

  • No judgement, just help

    We are giving people a way to rely on other people without exposing themselves to judgement and cynicism.

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Safety Net

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